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OKI Bering

About Us

About us

Powerfull Features of OKI Bering company

OKI Bering

OKI Bering Middle east is one of largest pure wholesaler of industrial supplies selling exclusively to distributors in the Middle East, Asia & Africa. OKIME offers over 200,000 SKU's of premium products from more than 600 brands for use in the industrial, welding, oilfield, safety, construction, HVAC, MRO, PVF, plumbing channel markets. OKIME serves rapidly growing distributor customers with a strategically placed distribution center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Furthermore, we are committed to stocking significant inventory for the majority of the items in our portfolio. Our knowledgeable team is ready to serve you by recommending complete solutions, verifying stock, quoting, entering and expediting orders to ensure you get the product when you need it.

Essendant Industrial, 907, South Detroit, Ste. 400, Tulsa , OK 74120, U.S.A - Essendant Industrial is a leader in distribution of industrial welding, oilfield, safety, construction, HVAC, MRO, PVF plumbing channel markets in U.S.A, Canada & Latin America.

Our mission is to give you good service


We create efficiencies, speed, and prosperity across the supply chain through our firm commitment to exceptional pure wholesale service. Our associates, customers, and suppliers place their trust in us because we combine best in class capability with an ongoing promise to behave as a likeable, curious, humble, and tenacious partner.


Create and nurture frictionless, high value relationships.


Connecting Businesses across the globe


High work achievements

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Our company long History

OKI Bering

Oki Bering was first established in United Arab Emirates


OKi Bering achieved target of selling 1 Million Products


Oki Bering started induced into Oil And Gas industry and successfully delivered more than 2 millions of equipments.


Oki bering Penetrated into the heavy industry equipment supplies and same year delivered thousands of Heavy industry products to its customers.


Oki Bering is one of the premium Supply chain masters into heavy and industrial and safety products accross middle east and many African countries


We are growing to many folds, onboarding many such achievements through this Journey.


What our clients
think about us

OKI Bering
"If you are looking for heavy industrial equipments along with 
the best after sales service then my recommendation goes with
Oki Bering. They have all the top brands from small to heavy
industry equipments".


Imad Nached
Manager of Westwood
"We have ordered welding machines from Oki Bering 
and we have recieved it within stipulated time.
Excellent Quality of service and people are very
passionate with positive attitude. Hence i recommend
working with OkiBering for your industrial requirements".
John Wheeler
Manager of Nelson Industries
"We got excellent support from OkiBering.They have supplied us 
industrial materials with high standard and we are very happy
with OkiBering support and services.
Abdullah Karim
Manager of Westwood