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Things To Know About How To Use Oil Gauge Tape Measure

Oil gauging tapes are a vital tool for any person who should measure how deep the oil stored in containers is. You can get it from the providers of industrial supplies in UAE as well. Here, we will discuss how to utilize the product and address some common questions regarding it.

How You Can Use An Innage Oil Gauging Tape

Two techniques are used to manually measure the levels of liquid stored in a container: innage and outage. This means you can find an oil gauging tape in UAE of the innage or outage type. Innage is a more common oil measuring method where you will lower the tool into a container up to the time the end of the plummet hits the bottom of that container. When you are reeling in the tool, read how deep the liquid is in the container by checking where it is wet, like using a dipstick in a vehicle.

How To Utilize An Outage Oil Gauging Tape

This oil gauging tape in UAE or elsewhere is to measure the distance between the uppermost part of your liquid stored in a tank and the highest point of the container. It is the area of the container where there is no liquid.

Because it is tricky to know where the uppermost part of that liquid starts, the graduated plummet is lowered at a slow speed from the point of reference until it gets to the liquid. The graduation marks on the plummet start where it is fixed to your oil gauging tape in UAE and elevate. The reading that the liquid shows on the plummet and the reading visible on the tool are added to calculate the overall empty part of the container.

When you realize how deep your tank is, you can deduct the unfilled container space from the overall depth to determine how deep the liquid is. You can then multiply the depth by the surface area to determine the tank volume. This form of tape is appropriate for caustic or thick materials as it will not get into a liquid.

What Forms Of Liquid Can You Gauge With These Tapes?

Oil gauging tapes have two different lacquer coatings and chrome-nickel plating. Using the tape with petroleum products such as crude oil, fuel oil, gasoline, and others should not get rid of the protective coating of the tool. However, a mixture of chemicals, more exotic substances, bases or acids can impact the lacquer coatings. Abrasive materials like sand can bring down the lifespan of the lacquer coating. Do not store the blade of the tape someplace wet or neglect to rid the blade of substances to avoid damaging the product.

Using etched SS blades can aid you in avoiding abrasive damage. There is no coating on the stainless-steel tape blades. Grad lines and numbers are etched straight into their metal, which reduces the chance of the blades getting worn due to abrasives.
An SS tape is a better option when working with a wet or caustic environment, even though it is less strong than a blade with carbon plating. For additional help regarding the tape, feel free to contact one of the best industrial tools suppliers in UAE  too.