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What Are The Applications Of Different Gas Cutting Equipments

Gas cutting equipments as the name suggests use gas for cutting and welding materials especially steel. These equipments use oxygen and fuel gas for cutting and is therefore also referred to as oxy-fuel or oxyacetylene. The heat flame from these gases is employed for the process. No electricity is utilized in this cutting procedure. Using gas cutting machines are cost effective when compared to other options. These are mainly applied to cut metals of low alloy steel or mild steel and with thickness greater than 2 inches. One of the leading industrial tools suppliers in UAE, OKI Bering has different types of gas cutting equipment in UAE. 

Benefits of using oxy-fuel cutting machines

•    Economical and affordable
•    Can be used for bevel strip cutting as well as for straight edge cutting
•    Time used is less
•    Since there are multiple torches and nozzles available there is not much workforce involved
•    Accurate and high quality results
•    Easy to carry and transfer the machines from one place to another
•    Other than cutting these equipments are also suitable for heating and welding
•    These machines can be utilized to slit steal of different thickness

Various tools are used for gas cutting process. Being the supplier of the finest gas cutting equipment in UAE, OKI Bering have all the tools and machines required for heating, cutting, welding etc . 

Some of the equipment used for gas cutting and their applications are as follows:

Gas Regulators 

Regulators help in maintaining the pressure of the gases.

Safety tools

Equipments like fire extinguishers, gloves, masks and ear plugs are unavoidable tools. These ensure the safety and well being of workers.


They are placed to reduce noise and temperature. Curtains absorbs fumes thereby providing a better temperature controlled working environment.

Cutting Nozzles  

Nozzles aids in blocking of gas stream and in the cutting of flame and oxygen. Different nozzles are used for different fuels. For example ANM type nozzle is used for acetylene.

Hose safety clips  

Hose safety clips helps in keeping the hose of oxygen and fuel separate.

Gas cutting torches 

Cutting torches are the main equipment which provides the main heat source used in gas cutting, metal forming and welding. Straight cutting oxyfuel machines and bevel cutting oxyfuel machines are two chiefly utilized equipments in this. There are two types of torches used, torches having nozzles (where the fuel gas and oxygen are mixed in the nozzle) and torches with injector (where mixing take places inside the torch or in the delivery tube).

Gas mixtures

Gases like MAPP gases (a mixture of various hydrocarbons, principally, methylacetylene and propadiene), acetylene, propane, propylene, methane are usually employed in the cutting process.

Acetylene – Acetylene is more commonly used and preferred gas fuel for cutting thin metals and for bevel cutting since high temperature flame can be produced with this. 

Propane – Propane produces low flame temperature but gives a smooth edge in cutting. Even though it take more piercing time its cost is low and is readily available.

MAPP - MAPP gases produces hot flame and can be used for cutting in deep water. It can be used for uniform distribution of heat. 

Propylene (LPG) – It produces high heat but it requires more oxygen (oxygen to fuel gas ratio of approximately 3.7 to 1 by volume).

Methane – Gives the lowest heat and flame and is also slow in piercing.

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